Musings on the Art of Writing

As a child, I discovered fantastic worlds created in books. When I began writing about the worlds of my own imagination, I realized how hard authors work to set their characters free to live for our enjoyment. This blog will explore that weird and wonderful process.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Where has the Time Flown?

When I checked the date of my last post I couldn't believe that 18 months has passed since I did a blog entry.  Of course, my travel blog gets updated frequently but not this one.  Writer's block is an excuse I could use but to tell you the truth, I have been writing.

I have one more chapter (number 20 for a total of about 200 pages) to write in my Sarah book which I've re-titled The Jade Seal.  Once that is written, I'll get down to editing it.  The cookbook idea is on hold for now.  I'm still collecting recipes but have not worked out how to write it, yet.  I'd also like to resurrect my book, The Mystery at the Fringe, for young readers as I think my grandsons are of an age to enjoy it.

In the meantime, I spent most of last year downsizing our large home and getting ready to move into a townhouse.  I still can't believe I gave away 10 boxes of books to a local book sale.  I've never given away books before.  However, I'm glad I did as I wouldn't have fit them into our new place.  I hope someone found them useful or entertaining.

We moved in December after spending three months living with my daughter, her husband, two cats and a turtle.  We worked out a system so we didn't kill each other but it was a situation which none of us would like to repeat.  I think Thor, the turtle, will hold a grudge for as long as he lives.

This year, my husband is on an administrative leave which has left me not knowing if he's going into work or not.  This makes planning my days difficult.  We're gradually working out a way of living/working in the same house but this takes time and energy.  Plus I'm doing physiotherapy for a painful elbow which eats into my week.

Bottom line is writing blog posts get relegated to 'should do' rather than 'must do'.  I'm hoping that will change this year but do not hold your breath.