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Thursday, March 29, 2012

First World Problem

When I first heard about First World Problems, I didn't realize how profound those three words were.

This past week, I've had a first world problem with Sears Canada.  On March 10th, we ordered a water softener.  There were multiple reasons for this.  Calgary water is hard which means the dishes are never really clean coming out of the dishwasher, hubby can't get a lather while he's shaving and it dries out his skin.  My hair stylist said I needed softer water as my hair is so fine and hubby's dermatologist also recommended one.  The Sears salesman said it would wipe away the build-up in our pipes (we've had two emergency visits from a plumber).  But, we've lived with hard water for 35 years so it is really a luxury item.

The softener was to be installed last Saturday morning.  We stayed in and waited.  Finally after lunch, hubby called Sears.  Could we wait until Sunday and see if the plumber showed up?  24 hours later we called and were told what did we expect?  No plumber works on Sunday.  Sheesh!

Monday, another call to our salesman.  Horrors, the plumber hasn't called?  No, so he assures us 'something' will be done.  Tuesday, we hear from Sears headquarters.  They were getting to the bottom of the problem.  Meanwhile, I am tweeting about this issue, hash-tagging Sears.  @SearsCares begins to follow me but not a whisper of any help.

Yesterday, I was told a plumber would come this afternoon but at 11:30 today, I get a call saying he injured himself and had to take the afternoon off.  Okay, I'm sorry for the guy but is he the only plumber in the city?  Bottom line--he'll come tomorrow.  Not holding my breath!

Oh yeah, remember this is a blog about First World Problems?  Obviously this water softener issue is one such problem.  In the Third World, they don't know what a water softener is and I'm sure if you're hauling water from the local well or river, you don't care if it's hard.  All you want it to be is clean and safe.  Perhaps you'd love to buy a pump at Sears so you didn't have to make that journey to the well.  Maybe you would wait months for its installation knowing your life would change.  Would you complain about delays?  I don't think so.  That is a First World issue.

So rather than railing about how unfair life is, I'm going to think how lucky I am that I can worry about whether or not the plumber will come with the water softener tomorrow.

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