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Saturday, August 16, 2014

White Crane

A little late posting my final publication effort as life got in the way of blog posts.  'Twas ever thus.

White Crane is an historical fantasy set in the distant past designed for teens but could also be enjoyed by adults.

The spirits of her ancestors haunt White Crane as she fights against the traditions of the tribe.  She does not want to marry and move away.  The elders fear her white hair and her ability to talk to those in the spirit world.  When she performs a forbidden dance, they ban her from the tribal gathering.  This allows her to search for her uncle who has been kidnapped.  Joining White Crane is a young hunter called Wolfwillow who has magic of his own.  Together, they face an enemy not of this earth.

Amazon reviews:

Meghan Schmidt -- White Crane is a very fast paced, fun read for all ages.  The imagery along with the history of the tribal customs and legends makes it easy to get lost in its pages.  It also challenges traditional gender roles and would be a great read for both young girls and boys alike.  It was a truly enjoyable experience.  Highly recommended.  5 stars.

bookloverlynda -- I enjoyed White Crane very much.  The author possesses a vivid imagination and allows us to see her vision of this challenging landscape and its creatures.  The fascinating history associated with the tribal customs was interwoven nicely into a fast-paced plot.  4 stars

She stands perched on the edge of Dragon Country with a coyote at her side.  He sniffs the prairie breeze that fluffs her white hair.  She watches the black smudge on the horizon.  It roils in the wind.  Plumes of grey billow upward, mixing with the sky's fluffy clouds.  The darkness blossoms like a thunderstorm; lighting flashes within its depths.

The coyote whines as the blackness douses the sun.  He nudges her leg but she cannot move.  Fear freezes her.

Then the winds wail toward her, tearing at the fringe of her tunic.  The red bears of her mother's needle appear to flee front the onslaught.  The coyote presses himself against her legs.

The blackness twists like a giant tornado.  It twirls across the prairie sucking everything into its shadows.  She shears the scream of the gale as it descends upon her but Earth Mother holds her close.  She will protect them both as rain pummels their bodies.

Then, with wet hair clinging to her cheeks, the dark, whirling cloud swallows her up.  Wrenched from Earth Mother's embrace, she twists upward in the wind.  The coyote howls.  She opens her mouth to scream.  Her breath is sucked from her.

If you wish to read the rest of Chapter I, click here.  To purchase your own copy, click here.

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